Tips to ace that job interview

Dress to Profess, Life / Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

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A lot of people dread the job interview. It creates a lot of anxiety for most people. They are excited, nervous, and stressed out all at the same time while trying to get their dream job.

Recently I’ve had a least one job interview a week! It’s kind of exhausting. But job interviews never bothered me. I’ve had so many over the years I feel like I have some helpful advice.

So, here’s how to ace your job interview:

1. Dress appropriately.

Make sure you wear your best attire when interviewing. Make sure your clothing fits well and is appropriate for your build (you don’t want your cleavage saying hello from across the table). You want your outfit to be clean, wrinkle free, and animal hair free (big thing in my house).

Take out all facial piercing and large ear piercings. I know this part is no fun but I too take out my lip ring. People are judgmental, that’s just the way the world works.

2. Fix your hair and shave your face.

You want your hair to be clean and styled. Men, make sure you shave/tidy up your face. It’s not professional to have stubs and look like you just crawled out of bed.

3. Smile and make eye contact.

It’s interview time! When you meet the committee smile and make eye contact! These are important. You want to seem excited to be there and sincere. Most institutions want to hire someone who is cheerful and fun to be around. No one wants to hire a Negative-Nancy. If you are a Negative-Nancy you can fake it for an hour. It won’t kill you.

4. Answer the questions truthfully with examples.

When the search committee asks you questions they want to see how you interact and fit. Answer all the questions truthfully. If you can’t speak to the questions say, “I’m sorry I have no experience with this and can’t speak to this.” Other than this, make sure you use real examples. When you use examples they know you have experience!

5. Thank them for their time.

They took time out of their day to talk to you. Thank them for their time before the interview, after the interview, and in an follow up email. Be grateful they picked you out of a large group of applicants. Send a nice email or thank you card in the mail.

6. Stay off your phone and smart watch.

Keep your phone in your bag or pocket. DO NOT get your phone out during the interview. If you need to check your phone do it when you use the bathroom. Don’t even wear your smart watch. You don’t want to seem distracted or disrespectful.


I hope you find this advice helpful! If you do all of these, you should ace the interview!
Do you have any advice to add?

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