Taking our awards for a date!

Life / Sunday, May 6th, 2018

This post is a little different. It’s not advice, or tips, or tricks, or diy, it’s just a little fun post about what’s been going on in our lives!

The semester just ended and we wished our graduates good luck and congratulations but before that we were awarded some pretty AMAZING THINGS!

During our students’ award ceremony, I was awarded the 2018 Faculty Member Of The Year! This was a student-wide nomination followed by a student-wide vote. I was so happy! <3 Earlier this semester I also won Faculty Researcher Of The Year. I really went out with a B-A-N-G!


At graduation Dr. Greg was awarded the Distinguished Faculty Member Of The Year award! This was a senior class voted award! We were so excited to hear his name announced as this years winner! Then one of our research students gave him a bottle of Jack for “dealing with us jackasses.” hahaha!!


Before summer classes start tomorrow, we, well I, decided to take our awards our for lunch. We are very proud of these achievements.

First we visited CJ Maggie’s for a light lunch.

There we sexually harassed our awards.

After this, we went to 3/4 Cafe for dessert! Creme Brulee and coffee.

I think our awards had a nice time out.  I’m sorry this isn’t a ‘deeper’ blog post. We have been so busy with work!

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