Stumble Upon increased my blog views by hundreds!

Blogging / Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

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StumbleUpon increased my blog views by hundreds… kind of.

I noticed one day my blog views SKYROCKETED. I was wondering what changed? Did Tailwind work? Did Pinterest work? Did Facebook work? No. It was a social media platform I’ve NEVER heard of! Stumble Upon. I thought to myself:

“Stumble Upon… what the heck is this?”

What happened: I’m part of Facebook groups that help grow your blog. Someone shared my post on this website. I was so excited.

I made an account and looked around. I noticed no one has any posts about Stumble Upon exploding blog growth. We usually see Tailwind, Pinterest, Affiliate Marketing, etc… but no Stumble Upon.
I’m obviously pretty new to blogging and would like it if my site went viral so I started researching.

Then I decided to do an experiment and see IF Stumble Upon actually grew my blog views in a more consistent manner. My experiment lasted 3 days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I wanted to do it for a week but I had to go back to work and prep my classes. I got really busy. I’m sure you can ALL RELATE!

My page views usually hover consistently around 100 a day. Which isn’t much compared to successful bloggers. But I can dream… haha

Thursday I had above average views through Stumble Upon. This was before I added anything to their website. They were coming across my site through someone else sharing my post. =) Thank you whoever you are!



We had 130 views that day.


Friday I added 5 of my posts to their site. It’s pretty simple. I filled out the required boxes and put as many tag words as I could think of.


Blog views grew by…. 300!

We had 396 views that day!

Saturday I added 7 more. My posts from Friday were continuing to have views along with my Saturday posts.

I was so excited the entire day. Friday had us thrilled! But Saturday blew Friday way with almost 500 more views than average!

We had 579 views that day!

Even though we had substantial views, my Adsense account didn’t skyrocket like I expected. I usually earn between $0.1 – $1.00 a day. I know, not a lot. But I’m new. I’m learning.


Friday and Saturday I posted in the morning. Probably before 10am.


Sunday I went to Greg’s son’s birthday party. We were gone most of the morning into the afternoon. I didn’t get to post until 4:00pm. When I got online to check my stats I was very surprised to see they didn’t grow like the previous three days. It was really disheartening. I added 8 posts and hoped it was like the days before. Boy was I wrong! I did everything the same but views were down!

We only had a measly 18 views from Stumble Upon. The majority of our views that day came from an article we emailed out to our students to read before classes started.

Blog views Sunday were back down to 93. What happened?! Our stuff was still online! Nothing changed. I’m so confused!

I did a little research. It seems this site just kicks up random webpages based on your interests you selected when you created your profile. You can kind of search for things, but it is limited.
Even thought I had hundreds of views through their website, I only had a few likes.

I had a lot of views that didn’t create connections. Bloggers want connections with our readers and hope they enjoy the content. It seems like these viewers clicked around or maybe just saw the top of my homepage. I hope some were engaged, but I’m not sure.

Has anyone else experienced this with Stumble Upon? Do you have more success? Please share your opinions below!
How do you grow your blog? Please share below!

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