Quiltoni Custom Quilt Review

Dress to Profess, Life / Monday, June 4th, 2018

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Some people may not know this about me but I have a crossbow obsession. I own 1 large crossbow, 1 antique crossbow, and 2 small hand crossbows. I love everything crossbow. I have a lamp, lanyard, Norman Reedus autographs, shirts, ipad case, stickers, cups, and a custom made crossbow quilt! So today I would like to share with you my review of my Quiltoni custom made crossbow quilt!

About 4 years ago, I came across these amazing video game quilts at Awesome-Con in Indianapolis, IN. I decided to followed them on Facebook and creepily watched her amazing work. After I graduated college and accepted my big-girl-job I decided to buy myself an amazing gift, a crossbow blanket!

So here is my review of my crossbow quilt!

The website is really easy to navigate. You can see the conventions they’re attending and easily access “Commissions.” The commissions page is easy to follow. You can see sizes, price ranges, and examples.

I’m a very suspicious person so I spent a lot of time looking through the examples to make sure I could really get what I wanted. After sufficient browsing, I knew Quiltoni could work magic.

I sent her an email requesting my commission piece. I requested a twin, simple crossbow design, in gray and black. I also included a few sample pictures I found online. The owner got back to me really quickly asking about the type of fabric I wanted. I didn’t know there were levels to fabric. I requested the cheap stuff because, well, I’m pretty poor. I received my quote, $195.00 including shipping. I know it sounds like a lot of money and it IS a lot of money but this is something that I really wanted. You are also required to place 50% down which lessens the burden of spending that much money at once.

After a week or so went by I received my sketch! She actually hand-made the entire 8-bit crossbow design. Once I approved the design I paid 50% down via Pay-Pal and she started on my quilt.

On social media you can watch your quilt getting made, which is awesome. She posts progress pictures of all of her designs so you can see what other people are getting made too!

The entire process took around 2 months. This includes my email request and receiving the quilt in the mail. I think that’s a pretty fast turn around for the amount of work that went into making this.

Here’s the finished design which is currently on the Quiltoni website!

I received the package quickly from Canada. I believe it took a week.

Once I received the package I wasn’t sure what to expect! I have never ordered anything custom online before. So far, I knew I liked the design and colors.

A twin size quilt is skinny and long. It is actually the perfect size to sit under or wrap up in. If you’re taller than 5’8″, it may be too short to cover your body. I can lay down and it will completely cover me from the neck down.

The quality is great. I’ve actively used this quilt for almost 3 years and there have been no loose strings or holes, and I’ve washed and dried it numerous times using a machine! The quilt is thin but warm and very comfortable.

The front of the quilt is mostly gray with the black 8-bit crossbow and the back of the quilt is solid black. Quiltoni placed a small, adorable, logo on the back of the quilt also.

Overall I am 100% satisfied with this purchase. I wish I could afford a larger quilt but the small one works well for me. I really love this quilt. It’s soft, warm, and my favorite thing.

If anyone is considering a custom made quilt I really highly recommend Quiltoni.

Here’s the link to her page if anyone is interested: http://www.quiltoni.com/index.html

I am completely unaffiliated with this company. If you buy something from them please share it in the comments below!

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  1. hehe I did not expect to read about custom made quilt when opening this post. However, made me consider to design one myself 😀

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