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DIY & Save Money / Monday, January 1st, 2018

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I’m always looking for ways to make a few extra bucks (given that whole laid-off scientist situation). During 2016-2017 we had to live off of my modest salary while all of Greg’s money went towards a house an hour away that no one lived in and as well as a lot of bills including our significant student loan burden. It was stressful. I only gross $36,000.00 so we had up to 4 people and pets living off of that for over a year! It was challenging. We were poor. Well, we’re still poor. Haha. Once Greg’s house sold we had a break for a while. We bought our current house at a decent price, paid off multiple credit cards, and started living better. THEN, I received word I wouldn’t have a job after May.

So now we’re going back into super-poor-savings mode.

Over the past few years I’ve tried out a few different online ways to bring in some extra money. I’m going to share ones that I’ve actually gotten a return from.



This website has a plethora of things you can do to earn money. You can earn money by searching in their search engine, watching videos, going to websites, and taking surveys. It does require a lot of time if you want a quick pay out. If you buy online it gives cash-back opportunities. Swagbucks rewards you with gift cards or money. If you choose a gift card you actually don’t have to get the full amount. They were giving away at $25.00 Amazon gift card for only 2000 Swagbucks. That’s $5.00 less! I prefer to cash out so I can pay the bills, so I’ve been trying to reach the $25.00 Paypal pay out.

I finally earned a Paypal gift card! It took forever, but I didn’t consistently try.

If you want to try Swagbucks here’s a link below. I will make $3.00 through referral and YOU will make $3.00 just for signing up!

My referral link:



This is a free phone app. This app lets you earn money back on things you buy at the store. There’s a ton of places like Walmart, Kroger, Sam’s Club, Target, etc. Since we pretty much only shop at Kroger we don’t get as much back as someone who shops at various places. I haven’t used it regularly. I’m sure if I did I would make more money. I use it WHEN I remember.
I’ve cashed in on Ibotta already. I had $20.00 sent to my Paypal! I was able to earn money based on purchases we were already making at the grocery store. Some extreme couponers have made thousands of dollars back on this app!

If you want to try Ibotta, please use my referral link. I can also make some money back on referrals. Then you can make money by referring YOUR friends. =)

My Referral Code: kxsmkqk
My Referral Link:


Survey Junkie

This website is new to me, but I’ve already earned $5.00 with limited work. By the time I started writing this post, I’ve earned $0.25. It’s easy to register and you get points just for filling out your basic information. The website gives you various surveys and money towards each. If you don’t qualify for the survey they’ll still pay you 1-3 points.
This website is interesting because you can cash out at $10.00. I’m already half-way there working maybe 3 hours total.



This one is also a free phone app. I don’t really use it much anymore, I usually forget or I’m in such a hurry at the store. This app works in stores where it gives you various products to scan and rate whether or not you would buy/try the product. I used this one a lot when I worked at CVSPharmacy. I would run around and scan things when I was on my break. Just imagine if you worked at Walmart!

With this app I paid for my Starbucks addiction in college. I admit I love my Starbucks and I’m kinda glad the closest one is an hour away. It’s good for my wallet and waistline. 😉  With this app you can get cash back or various gift cards.



I monetized my YouTube last year. I made a few dollars on YouTube showing anatomy model videos for my students. But, they changed their rules. I don’t have enough views to make money anymore. =( My goal is to revamp all of these videos using better quality and interactions. They’re pretty boring now. I just used my phone to point at places on anatomical models and identified various structures. I have some ideas to make it more entertaining and apply to other students. Hopefully this will up my views! I think now you need 10,000 views total. I CAN DO IT!
If you’re super entertaining you could easily make a lot of money on YouTube! If you teach, diy, etc there’s always people looking to learn.


I’ve noticed with a lot of these survey websites that I don’t qualify for many of the surveys. I haven’t quite figured out why. I’m thinking about putting “prefer not to answer” on ethnicity, gender, education, and illnesses. Maybe this will open up some more surveys. I’ll let you know how it goes!

On top of these surveys, I work to save money using coupons, diy soaps, and diy everything. Our current goals are to pay off Greg’s credit card and some of my student loans. Current balance is $15,000 on the credit card and $2,000 and $5,000 on my small student loans. My goal is to be debt free one day and not worry about money.

Do you have online hacks? What other ways do you earn money? Leave your tips below, I’ll give them a try and let everyone know how they work.

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