Dress to Profess: The Smell of Success

Dress to Profess / Monday, January 15th, 2018

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I am partial to leather–always have been. It’s durable and ages well. I wish I could say the same for me! Professors begin to resemble leather over time, and I’m sure at times Kristy has wanted to tan my hide. The parallels between professors and leather are endless!

My obsession with leather and pleather was manifest in my very first “Dress to Profess” post in which I reviewed my new leather messenger bag. You can read that review here.

Kristy hit yet another home run in the gift-giving game when she bought me–get this: leather perfume!

Now, some of you may wonder, “Wait, isn’t cologne for guys and perfume for gals?” Although a common misconception, the answer is “no.” The distinction is simply in the percentage of fragrance oil in the product. Cologne refers to products with 1-3% fragrance oil while perfume contains 20-30% fragrance oil. Indeed, just a drop of my new perfume goes a long ways.
Also, if you’re like me (and few are), I have had my olfaction assaulted by bogus leather-scented everything. Most recently, I bought a Little Tree automotive air freshener that was SUPPOSED to be leather. It was brown, but that’s about all it had in common with leather. I am convinced that Little Tree air fresheners have just one scent: bad.

Needless to say, my experiences have made me quite skeptical of leather-scented everything, especially something that I am supposed to adopt as my scent and which will invade the nasal cavities of all with whom I come into contact.
That is precisely why I cannot say enough good things about this leather perfume, made by Botanical Bars of Lake Toxaway, North Carolina. It comes in a 10 ml roll-on vial. I love this feature: impossible to spill with no waste as when you are spritzing a fragrance. At the time of purchase and during a Christmas promotional, it ran $11 including shipping. Kristy ordered through Etsy and it arrived quickly. Check out their site at https://www.botanicalbars.com/.

This product is made in the USA by a small business, and it always feels good to buy from the little guy. And, the scent is dead-on. Wait–bad word choice for something intended to smell like a carcass. Rather, the scent is spot-on!
Not only is the scent authentic, but it endures well. It does not degrade into something foul-smelling as the day wears on, even with exercise.  It has the added benefit of adding authenticity when I’m wearing a pleather jacket. Yet another bonus is that the leather perfume subtly restores the new-car scent of my vehicle, which has leather seats that have long since lost their scented allure.

I cannot emphasize how enthused I am about this product! It’s affordable, it lasts, and it smells authentic. You won’t be disappointed.


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