3 things you should NEVER buy again

DIY & Save Money / Monday, December 11th, 2017

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As you can probably tell I don’t like to waste money. I usually don’t have it to waste. So here are some tips on items you CAN live without and ways you can save a bit of money.


1. Trash bags


Garbage bags are bought solely to throw away. I can’t bring myself to waste money buying something to put in the garbage. I haven’t purchased garbage bags in well over 5 years! Obviously we produce trash and need to throw things out. What I do instead are: 1) Recycle and 2) Use bags from the grocery store. When we recycle it doesn’t required bags and it’s good for the environment. 😉 I should probably mention we’re a family of 4. If you include all the pets we’re a family of 14!
The recycling options are less here than my previous home. Back in Huntington, we could recycle paperboard, all types of plastic, cardboard, pizza boxes, metals, glass. It was really nice! I did have to take it to the drop off locations but it wasn’t too bad. Here the city only recycles cardboard, paper, metal, and 1 & 2 plastic. A lot less than I’m used to which creates more trash. I still refuse to purchase garbage bags, I just use plastic bags from the stores. These are free and require you to take out your garbage more often (no pets in the trash and it doesn’t stink). What’s crazy is half of the time I use reusable bags but still manage to have A TON of small store bags! Garbage bags cost anywhere from $5.00 – $10.00. This will add up over time.

I bought this super adorable containers from Ikea which is made for these small trash bags! You can see them here:


2. Paper towels

This is another example of something we buy to throw away. I’m in the process of weening my family off of paper towels. After we purchased our home the old owners left 4 EXTRA LARGE rolls of paper towels. The kind of paper towels restrooms have. We’ve been using these because, well, they’re free. =) But prior to and after these are gone we’ll go back to using extra napkins we get from eating-out, bandannas, and kitchen towels. You just throw the dirty towels in the wash with all of your other dirty towels. We all know restaurants give out tons of napkins and most of them just get thrown out.  Take them home with you and use them!
Paper towels usually cost $5.00 for a 6 pack. Depending on how many you use, this could be $20.00 a month!

3. Plastic food containers

I must admit I’ve never bought plastic containers. They were always too expensive. Instead of purchasing plastic containers I reuse glass food jars and free plastic take-out containers. These are great! I can freeze them and run them through the dishwasher! Plus they’re the perfect portion sizes.
I know Tupperware or other plastic containers can range anywhere from $5.00 – $50.00! Some aren’t even microwave or dishwasher safe. Save money and reuse! Chinese take-out containers are great!


It doesn’t take much to change your lifestyle and save some money. I hope these 3 tips help you save a lot of money in the end. Every little bit helps, especially around the holiday seasons.
Did you stop buying something not mentioned above? Please share your experiences below in the comments.

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