Slow-cooked Dave’s famous hard apple cider

Life / Saturday, December 23rd, 2017

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As Christmas approaches, families come into town, it gets cold, and we tend to go a little crazy. All of the shopping, snow, rain, shoppers, and food preparation can be a little overwhelming. We have a solution to this madness. Sometimes on cold, crazy nights like this we like to make hard apple cider.

Greg and I experienced this delicious drink for the first time on Halloween. We sat outside handing out candy to hundreds of kids. It was freezing, but our commitment to sit outside was met with equal commitment from the army of trick-or-treaters! Our neighbor, Dave, invited us over for cider to warm us up. It was the best cider I’ve ever had! We had to get the recipe. So I’m going to share Dave’s Famous Hard Apple Cider recipe with all of you to help you have a happy holiday season.

It’s actually a simple recipe with little attention needed and just a few ingredients. This recipe actually thrives on neglect–put it in a crock pot and go wandering off (or, perhaps caroling) for a while.

Here’s what you need:

  1.  8 -10 quart Crock Pot with a lid
  2.  A “fifth” (750 mL) of Apple Vodka
  3.  1 gallon of Apple Cider
  4.  Cinnamon Sticks

Instructions are simple:

1. Turn the crock pot on high.

2. Add the entire gallon of apple cider to the crock pot.


3. Add 1/2 of the vodka bottle. Oops, I accidentally added too much. Sometimes that’s okay. Haha.

4. Add 3-4 cinnamon sticks.

5. Cover and let cook on high for 2 hours or until there’s a little bit of foam on top.

Here’s the nutrition information for everyone counting calories this season:


Now if you’re like us, hedonistic for deliciousness, we make a caramel brown sugar brim for our cups. Here’s what you need to make these great brims.

  1. Brown sugar
  2. Caramel drizzle
  3. A round lid
  4. A glass

First place the brown sugar in a flat round lid. Carefully line the brim of your cup with the caramel. Make sure it’s on the inside so the caramel doesn’t run down the outside of your cup. Next you dip the rim of the cup into the brown sugar by inverting the glass.


Fill your glass with the cider and enjoy! Please note the caramel brim is not factored into the calorie count above. If you are concerned about those added calories, we recommend more spiked cider until this concern abates. 🙂

Let us know what you think! This is one of our favorite drinks to make on a cold night.

Happy holidays from us to you! 


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