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Life / Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

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After getting the “Your position is not being renewedtalk I’m trying a little bit of everything. My current adventure consists of getting my West Virginia Real Estate License. I mean, why not?

So if you’re interested in getting your real estate license I’ll let you know what I’m trying to do. I first reached out to some colleagues and got the information.

Step 1: Take a 90 hour education course.

I took this course through Spruce. It’s an online interactive course. As a professor, I was very impressed! It’s not just reading, you watch your instructor and answer questions throughout the Units. There are 22 Units, 22 quizzes, and 22 vocab quizzes. After you complete this you take a 4-part final exam. The instructor does a really good job of breaking down the information making it easier to understand.

While you’re taking this course you must find a Broker to sponsor you. The Broker is a person who runs his or her own Real Estate Agency. My broker is List it 4 Less.

Check them out above!

This course costs $550.00

Once you pass this course you study and wait for the Completion Certificate. Next you schedule your Real Estate Exam. This exam is offered in various places throughout West Virginia. I’m still awaiting my certificate but have entered into a pickle. I’m an Ohio resident who happens to live in West Virginia to work (due to the lack of job security). I’ll need to change my residency or pay a $2,000.00 surety bond to get a WV License. This one is stressful.

2. Schedule the WV License Exam and get a Background Check.

You can do these online but the Background check must be completed BEFORE you take the state exam. If you get the background check too far in advance (6 months) it is invalid and you have to do it again.

The exam costs $96.00.
To take the exam you must apply $25.00.
The background check costs $45.00.

The exam is separated into 2 parts. Part 1 is federal or national real estate information consisting of 100 questions. Part 2 is 50 questions on just West Virginia real estate laws.

You passed your test! Congratulations! (I hope to take mine sometime in December)

3. Get your WV State License

You will pay annually (July 1 – July 1) to renew your real estate license. You also have to complete continuing education.

This costs $75.00 plus whatever your continuing ed costs, usually $75.00+

4. Pay your broker

Congratulations, you’re now a Real Estate Agent! You will pay your broker monthly fees and pay to join the MLS (Multi-listing service). You can start showing and selling homes!

This costs: $80.00/month
Joining the MLS: $40.00

You’re not a Realtor yet. This is a fancy trademark you must pay to be a part of.

5. Join the Board of Realtors.

This is $400.00, shew. Just call me an agent. 😉

So you’re interested in real estate? Here’s the total up-front costs before you even show your first home – $1,386.00.

You’ll struggle to make $35,000 your first year. That’s my goal. I hope to start in January.
Wish me luck!

Are you a real estate agent? Are you considering this career? Please leave your comments below!
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I’m thinking mortuary school.

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