My first night working for Uber

Life / Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

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My boyfriend was awesome and cleaned out my Chevy Captiva before I drove my first night with Uber! I bought mints from Walmart for $5.00.

The way it works: You open the Uber Driver app and log on. When you’re online you receive Ride Requests. You can choose to accept the request by tapping on the screen. It then tells you the name of your rider and where to pick him or her up. The app navigates you to their exact location. Once you pick up your customer you swipe right. Now it tells you where to take them with GPS navigation. When you get to the location it says “Drop off *name*.” You swipe right again and get paid. It’s that easy.

So here’s my first drive Uber experience:

Last night my student called me via Facebook, “Hey Ms. Kristy. Are you Ubering tonight?” My very first Uber customers were 3 of my former Anatomy students. That was so fantastic! They are adorable.
I ended up on their Snap stories. Then dropped them off at the Party and went on my way.

I made $3.00 driving 1 mile.

My second call. I accepted the ride, got there but they canceled. I guess they weren’t finished drinking.
Still made $3.00 for the cancellation fee. Drove less than 0.5 miles.


Round 3, it was my Work Study student and 2 former Anatomy students! Another fun ride with their professor. It’s nice driving people you know.
I dropped them off at the bar.
I made $4.00 drove 1.2 miles.


The last two trips were the most entertaining. I get a ride request from “Chelsea.” I go to pick her up and it’s 4 guys. Intoxicated guys, but super entertaining.  Turns out the request was put in by their girlfriends. They tried to steal some mints. (These were put there for customers, so it’s funny.) They dropped the mints and gave me a $20.00 tip. I dropped them off at the bar, then got my second request from Chelsea. Now it’s the girls. They were nice, drop them off with their men. I made $8.00 and $6.00 in tips.
I made $34.00 driving a total of 3 miles.

They were my last fair of the evening. I logged off at 1:00am. I wish I could stay up late. All of those people would end up needing a ride home. I hope the other Uber drivers were out. I think there’s 3 of us.

In between rides I sat in my living room with my boyfriend watching UFC. It’s nice living in the middle of town. I’m out the door and in the car in less than 1 minute.

Money made my first night of Uber: $44.07

Not too shabby. If I could stay up until the bars closed I think I could have made close to $100.00.

I think I can afford that haircut.

Goal achieved!


Have you considered driving for Uber? Leave your experiences/opinions in the comments below.

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