DIY. Painting our Victorian cottage

DIY & Save Money, Little Victorian Home / Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

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When this house first went on the market we drove by and both said, “It has so much potential… but that god awful color.” I consider myself and Greg eclectic. We like weird things, antiques, dark colors, gothic style, and the macabre. This house sat on the market for a year before we bought it. It needs a lot of work.

We decided we should save this house. It needs us. So, when the price dropped to a reasonable amount, we made an offer.

Before closing we purchased our paints and made a new house number sign. We were ready to transform this neglected little house into the beautiful Victorian/Edwardian it was suppose to be.

This house was build in 1903. It has the original wood siding, original windows, original woodwork inside. But a lot of physical deterioration. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

We took ownership of the property July 1, 2017. Since then we’ve worked non-stop. But today I’m only sharing our painting adventure.

We attacked Pinterest every night trying to find the perfect combination of colors. I knew I wanted something unique, something that reminded me of New Orleans or The Bahamas. Finally, we were out riding out bicycles and I found the perfect color combination. A red/burgundy and a dark blue.

Once we bought the house we took off like mad-men. We scrapped, sanded, and painted. It was miserable! We decided to do the different woodwork in different colors. It looks great now, but took forever! Here are some before and afters of the porch.



Painting this house killed us! We were sore for days, weeks. Here is Holosexual Triceratops scrapping paint in the rain. And myself three stories up painting the top of the house. This was painful! My shoulders were so sore! We had to use paint brushes, small rollers, and 2-3 coats.


We still have a few places to finish painting. A lot of the wood underneath was rotted and needed replaced. Greg also had to sculpt and reshape a lot of broken wood. We found a lot more wrong with the house like, all of the box gutters on top were sealed off but still collected enough water to rot.

Anyways, here are some more before and afters!

This is our first Before and After the day we finished the front of the house. Shew. That was a challenge.

We scraped, sanded, and painted sunrise to sunset. Every-single-weekend. It was a labor of love.

We bought BEHR outdoor paint from HomeDepot:

Matte Rose Red
Matte Burgundy
Semigloss Navy Blue



I hope you enjoyed the before and after painting adventure of our little Victorian. We now call it our Addams Family House. Everyone knows it’s our place. My one student said, “I saw the pink house and KNEW IT WAS YOURS!”


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