My Lack of Math Skills

Holosexual Triceratops / Friday, December 1st, 2017

I hate math with a passion. It wasn’t too bad until I got into algebra. Everything. Looks. The. Same. Really, everything turns into math soup when I’m taking tests. My anxiety is ruining my stomach while I’m struggling to even do one problem. I’m not even sure how many times I’ve tried to explain to my teacher that her methods aren’t working for me. They don’t even work for most of the kids, yet she tells me it’s not her problem. I can’t stand teachers like this. It’s absolutely your problem if more than half of your class can’t understand any of the garbage that you’re “teaching”. She even makes us feel stupid when she isn’t explaining clearly enough.

The complaint above is a reason you should not judge your children on their grades. We can’t help it if we get stuck with bad teachers. My school doesn’t even let freshmen change classes. This is why I’m not letting my terrible algebra grade define me. In fact, I’ve been working so hard to get that grade up that my history grade fell. You know what? My algebra grade shouldn’t be a bad thing to anyone if I have been stressing and working on it to the point where I’m losing sleep. I have great grades otherwise, so I’m not going to let one class affect how I feel about myself.


Holosexual Triceratops

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  1. First,I had to google’t allow an unconcerned teacher add more stress. I went brain numb with math also. Hang in there!!

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