The Death of Thanksgiving Break

Holosexual Triceratops / Wednesday, November 29th, 2017


So, it’s been two days since Thanksgiving break ended and I’m quite depressed about it. It’s almost like I got a disease from coming to school…shocker. First of all, my school is freezing cold 24/7 and I don’t believe in layers (onions!) Second, everyone is infected with either a sickness or just a dislikeable personality. I, my 5’3 self, can’t handle ¬†all of the tall people hunching over and coughing their infections all over us hobbits. It is 100% too much.

The death of Thanksgiving break has not only caused my depresssion and illness, but it has stressed me out to the point where I’m painting my nails out of stress. I mean, yeah, it’s rediculous, but the nail polish I use is holo and makes me slightly happier. I’m happy until some uncultured swine asks me what ‘holo’ is. If you can’t tell already, I quite enjoy SimplyNailogical. This has gotten off of the topic so I should probably end this here.


Holosexual Triceratops

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