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DIY & Save Money, Science, the apocalypse, and teaching / Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

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Have you ever needed awards but didn’t want to spend a lot of money? I have that problem from time-to-time. My class hosted Humans Vs. Zombies on campus and we decided to give out awards for some of the top performers and group missions.

If you want to read more here’s an article written by one of our students: WVWC Humans Vs. Zombies

We had over 120 students play. These numbers are great on a small campus (10% of the student body)! We decided to give out 10 large awards with a trophy and certificates to winning group missions. We had students nominate the large awards:

  • Most Aggressive Human
  • Most Aggressive Zombie
  • 2 First to Die
  • Most Sought After Human
  • Best Weapon
  • 2 Highest kills
  • 2 Zombie killers

How I made the certificates:



I used Microsoft Word’s free certificate template, changed the font, and added some free-use blood images. I put in the blood overlays and added the official HVZ logo because it was an official game. I personalized the Top 10. Finally, I exported the files as PDFs and printed the certificates on card-stock paper.

Total cost: $15.00

Now the fun part…….


How I made the trophies:



The trophies aren’t meant to be perfect, they’re more comical than anything. I purchased everything from Dollar General. I bought a pack of 10 plastic cups and 1 pack of Halloween skeleton figures. I hot-glued the skeleton to the bottom of the cup then spray painted it with gold spray paint. It took 20 minutes total to make these. The students really enjoyed them.

Total costs: $5.00

Total project costs: $20.00


Here are some pictures of the awardees:



I’ll post more about HvZ at another time. Until then, here’s the link about the game. We hope to play Round 2 this spring!

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